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No matter how old you are, where you live, or whether or not you can give, you can help end the deforestation crisis—and you can start right now.

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Behind The Green Indonesia Initiative are passionate people like you, here to make a difference. There are lot's of ways to get started: join the team of contributors - from anywhere in the world, or get in touch about fundraising for our mission in some other way, or even supporting a whole forest community project!


Launch a Fundraising Campaign

From lemonade stands to cross-country bike rides and everything in between, these kinds of campaigners prove that nothing is crazy when it comes to raising money for forests.

Create your own campaign by choosing a fundraising activity, setting up a simple campaign page, and spreading the word. Then, we’ll send 100% of the funds you raise to the field and report back on the exact forest project your campaign helped fund.

Join the Seed

Making a monthly donation (of any amount!) is the most effective thing you can do to end the deforestation crisis.

Shop to Support New Forests

Purchase with purpose! Profits from the store fund our operating costs and help us grow.


Shop with Amazon Smile

Use this link to support Green Indonesia Initiative through AmazonSmile. A portion of each eligible purchase will be donated to Green Indonesia Initative at no cost to you.


Partner With Us

We work closely with Brand Partners to develop mutually-beneficial fundraising campaigns, co-branded merchandise, media, and experiences that have an incredible impact on the world.


Sponsor a Project

Our forest project costs vary depending on project type, geography, and local economies. On average, projects start at $10,000 and can cost $25,000 or more. Once you’ve made your gift, we’ll pair it with an appropriate project (or projects).


Kids Can Help, Too!

Some of the most inspiring advocates for forests are also some of the youngest. Check out our kids page to download activities and resources for kids (our little seedlings).


Legacy Giving

The Grove is a community of people shaping the future by committing to making forests a part of their lasting legacy. Joining The Grove is one of the most powerful actions you can take to help end the deforestation crisis.


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