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But I’m a kid! What can I do?

Here at Green Indonesia Initiative, we are firm believers that you can make a difference no matter how old you are. Whether you’re 5 or 85, all you need is a big heart and the passion to help. We’re on a mission to end the deforestation crisis and it all starts with a generation who believes in a better world. With kids who are going to lead the charge. It starts with you.

275 million people in Indonesia depend on forests in some way. That’s a big number. For the rest of the planet - it means the world.


What is the deforestation crisis?



Activity guides, coloring pages, and more

Bring The Forest into your home or classroom with these interactive straight resources from NATGEO.


What can you do?

From spreading awareness about the deforestation crisis to running creative fundraising campaigns, you can make a difference in the lives of people just like you.





Launch a Fundraising Campaign



From lemonade stands to cross-country bike rides and everything in between, these kinds of campaigners prove that nothing is crazy when it comes to raising money for forests.

Create your own campaign by choosing a fundraising activity, setting up a simple campaign page, and spreading the word. Then, we’ll send 100% of the funds you raise to the field and report back on the exact forest project your campaign helped fund.

Get Inspired!

Young people make up some the world’s most inspiring and creative campaigners, proving that nothing is crazy when it comes to raising money for important projects. Check out what campaigners have done in the past:

Join a Planting

Find out when our next planting will be and come join the fun! GET IN TOUCH

Host a screening

Take your family and friends on a virtual trip to some of the most beautiful forests on earth and show them how we put donations to work by hosting a screening. They’ll get to see the sights, sounds, and people of this amazing world we work in and get to learn more about Green Indonesia Initiative’s work in the field. GET IN TOUCH

Other ways to give together

Sponsor an entire community or school with a gift of $10,000 or more to transform the lives of families or students like yours. LEARN MORE

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