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Share for forests

From bakers to video gamers and everything in between, content creators are helping raise funds and awareness for new forests. It’s easier than ever to help end the deforestation crisis by doing what you love. Share on!

May we introduce you to our new favorite hashtag?

We’re inviting gamers, creators, and good humans of all kinds to get out there – wherever in the world you are – and Share for Forests.


Simply get into a forest and share how much they mean to you. Tag it: #protectourforests #greenindonesia

Supporters we love

We love incredible creators who support our mission like:


@giuligartner The yellow jacket girl walking in the moody forest #tiktokitalia #foryoupage ? original sound – giuligartner

Brand Partners

Through corporate donations, social promotions, and even their own streams, brands can help us get one step closer to ending the deforestation crisis.

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Get in touch. Brands and creators: we’re ready to answer your questions and set you up for success. We’d also love your thoughts on the new tools we want to build for streamers and creators like you!

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